Established in 2013, Niva Event is one of the leading event production agencies in Kolkata. We offer a superior portfolio of event management services.

We have no interest in selling you a solution you don’t need. Collaboration with us always starts with an analysis that identifies your particular situation and available options. We have a realistic view of the resources available to you and take pride in finding the right solution for your business.

We pride ourselves on being an event agency that goes beyond creating a nice wrapping. Our focus is on creating value through knowledge, a clearly defined target and dedicated project management. Niva Event is both an event agency as well as a strategic facilitator able to optimize the output of your events.

At Niva Event, we value mutual honesty, trust and integrity. We deliver a great product – every time – and keep you updated throughout the whole process. Honest communication and thorough preparation are at the core of our solutions and essential for our work as an event agency.

We are creative spirits who work around the philosophy: “Everything is possible”.  Combining design and technology, we create a complete identity for your event with its own distinctive edge.


Our aim is to be the most innovative and best organized event company in Kolkata, and with the highest customer return rate.

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Var Mala